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Salavat fidai net worth

Pencil Tip Sculptures ...

Pencil Tip Sculptures by Salavat Fidai

The Willis (Sears) Tower (#229-2018) Available www.siennafineart.com

Spasskaya Tower (Kremlin Moscow)

Pencil Tip Sculptures by Salavat Fidai

Porsche 911 micro 2mm

Pencil Tip Sculptures by Salavat Fidai

Bicycle (#307-2018) SOLD

Freedom (#304-2018) Available shop.beinart.org

Russian artist Salavat Fidai makes tiny sculptures on the tip of pencils - Business Insider


In this video, Salavat Fidai, 42, uses a craft knife to carefully shape the point of a pencil into two interlinking hearts.

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Wasp (#313-2018) Sold

Pencil Tip Sculptures · Iron Throne Pencil Tip Sculpture ...

Black Horse 2 (#221-2017) SOLD


Iconic Crayon Sculptures (UPDATE)

Pencil Tip Sculptures ...


Sampling of Works[edit]

The Leaning Tower of Pisa (#214-2017) SOLD

Artistic Pencil Carvings

Salavat Fidai Fashions Minuscule Pop Culture Sculptures Out Of The

Graphite sculptures of a lock and key with 2mm and 0.5mm lead

Miniature Masterpiece Replicas

lesstalkmoreillustration: “ Salavat Fidai https://www.behance.net /salavatfidai

Red Skull

The Indian Artist That's Making Incredibly Intricate Pencil Carvings

Fidai claimed that it took him at least three tries in a span of three weeks to finish this.

Despite always having had an interest in art (both his parents were art teachers) Mr Fidai chose to study law.

Salavat Fidai Fashions Minuscule Pop Culture Sculptures Out Of The

Lava Lava

lesstalkmoreillustration: “ Salavat Fidai https://www.behance.net /salavatfidai

Bedroom in Arles by Van Gogh painted on a matchbox

White cup


Art in Micro “


Salavat Fidai: Art That Fits On a Pencil Tip

Mr Fidai says the precision required means he has to use a magnifying glass to complete the work.

Acrylic Intro Vid

Slowly the art is creeping out of me 🤩🤩 Theres a settling in my heart

Salavat Statue in the City of Ufa Russia

Salavat Fidai - 'Skull' - pencil micro-sculpture - 0.5cm (0.2")

Art in Micro

Instagram post by Salavat Fidai • Sep 14, 2015 at 2:28pm UTC

#4. The Longsword, widely known as the Oathkeeper.

The Process: “Pencil carving is a very intricate and delicate form of art. Lead is very brittle and hence very fragile.” Soni prefers using 6B pencils, ...

Ceva pentru fanii serialului #chernobyl #salavatfidai #microsculpture

"BLIND HUNT" sculpture on a pencil lead.

A Japanese artist dares to defy gravity with his amazing coin structures.

... Spray Art And Pencil Art Drawing Videos 1.0 screenshot 3 ...

Art in Micro

Motion in carving: Other artists have tried to introduce their own style to pencil carving, yet Soni thought of taking it to another level.

Graphite sculptures of a chair with 2mm and 0.5mm lead

Spray Art And Pencil Art Drawing Videos 1.0 screenshot 1 ...

Disney Characters With Tattoos

Sean Scully, Madonna Triptych B, 2019.

#9. The Night King himself.

Popped into Inverleith House yesterday and was left with nightmares of giant insects. Goodness, these photos were both horrifying and awesomely beautiful.

玩具總動員~蛋頭先生 Mr. Potato Head As more and more people leave


crayon carvings by hoang tran (9)

Bucking the trend of non-stop adrenaline-fueled aesthetics, this short film about a kitesurfing adventure in Rugged Point Marine Provincial Park takes time ...


Nelson Rockefeller bought A Pollack Painting for $306 Now Worth 18 Million

Bird Cage Pencil Carving Incredible! Watch Salavat Fidai ...

Some packages of the seeds also suggest they can be eaten raw. However, at least one recent report suggests that that could be dangerous, especially when ...

Stretch your supplies with recycled marker painting!

The Paintings of Mandy Tsung My work revolves around the female figure. Ever since I

The bottle of wine and a glass

Salavat Yulayev Cave

Artist Creates Micro Tiger Sculpture


... Beauty Hacks Everyone Should Know 1.0 screenshot 3 ...


A sketch of Leonardo, the head of a youth, and a horse's legs,

The Catspaw Dagger 🗡 Welcome to Exhibition Game of Thrones a Pencil Microsculpture by artist Salavat

There's a right and wrong way to eat this 'superfood' that Taylor Swift swears by

Art in Micro “

Diva Watched Master Artist Salavat Fidai Transform Pencil Tips into Game of Thrones Microsculptures

~Pencil tips~ Made by: @salavat.fidai * * * * * * * * * * * * #pinkicecream #Pink #upsidedownicecream


'Three in One' by Salavat Fidai👨🏻 🎨~ ('The. '


Wayrynen captured 17-year-old runner, Jacob Gillingham, making a self portrait at the beginning of a cross country race.

Happiness is... . . . . . Spreading smiles... Custom

These little statues are made with pencil's lead by @salavat.fidai. They are rich in details and very difficult to create, but they are really cool, ...

Linking paperclips for Guinness World Record